Office Closures - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tuesday, March 17th, I made the decision to close my office for 2 to 3 weeks. Although it was one of the most difficult business decisions, I’ve had to make in my 30 years of practice, I felt it was one that simply had to be made. The more we all participate as a community, both at a local and global level, to reduce our points of contact, the more rapidly we will be able to turn around this pandemic and ultimately return to a more normal way of life.

If you are a patient and need to purchase nutritional supplements to stay strong during this period, please call my office at 732-842-7004 and leave a message that you need supplements. We are checking our voice messages throughout the day and will get back to you to arrange a time for pick up.

Please follow me on Facebook or Instagram at DrPamNeuroCatalytic. I will be posting tips on how to stay active at home and how to stay healthy and strong during this time. You can also check my blogs at for health tips and updates on the office status.

I look forward to seeing you all soon,

Dr. Pam

For 30 years, Dr. Pam Wilson has been providing leading-edge care to her local community. Teaching at a global level she is recognized as a physician who takes time to connect with her patients, both locally and through telemedicine. Her areas of expertise are physical medicine and rehabilitation, customized nutrition protocols for chronic disease and the science of habit change.

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Low Back/
Disc Injuries

Empowering people to change their lives.

Through knowledge and guidance, discover the underlying why and take your health to the next level.

NeuroCatalytic™ Program

Dr. Pam’s NeuroCatalytic™ Program utilizes the power and adaptability of the nervous system to help you achieve your highest level of health and function. It includes physical medicine and rehabilitation, customized nutrition through testing and the science of habit change. LEARN MORE

Physical Medicine

Your body’s ability to move through space is an amazing process. Balancing on two feet and holding yourself up against gravity, you can bend, reach, jump, walk or run. You can balance on a bicycle and pedal, climb a rock or glide over the floor in a modern dance. However, what if something goes wrong? What if you injure a spinal disc, strain/sprain a rotator cuff muscle/tendon or develop a repetitive stress/strain injury like plantar fasciitis or tennis or golfer’s elbow? Your body is brilliant at adapting and compensating to keep you going but there is a cost! Eventually your body runs out of resources and adaptive strategies. Joints, muscles and tendons begin to break down and eventually your body responds with pain. LEARN MORE

Customized Personal Nutrition

When asked "how long do you want to live?" The answer is most often "as long as I am healthy and have a high quality of life."  Dr. Pam practices the art and science of nutrition through objectifiable data, "test, don't guess."  A Personalized Custom Nutrition Plan can help you achieve optimum health regardless of chronological age. You deserve to live your God-given years healthy and active with amazing focus of mind and agility of body! LEARN MORE

DNAlife Testing & the Science of Epigenetics

Your genes determine who you are, from the most obvious characteristics we see when we look at each other to the less obvious differences, such as your risks for different diseases and your ability to absorb and process foods and their nutrients.

Everyone is different, a uniform treatment approach is no longer enough to ensure your optimal health. Personalized medicine is an emerging practice that uses your genetic profile and environmental factors to guide decisions in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Research has shown that individualized diet and lifestyle choices do have a significant effect on the expression of these genes - but this also depends on early detection and appropriate intervention. LEARN MORE

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a choice to take back control of your life. It is a decision to make changes in daily patterns that no longer serve you. Weight loss is not simply a "calories in, calories out" formula, it is a lifestyle change. Our NeuroCatalytic™ weight loss program is patient-centered. It is essential to take into consideration your age, current health status, emotional state, willingness to change and surrounding support network.

Aside from the risk factors, carrying excess weight robs you of the ability to move freely and easily through your day. It puts strain on your muscles, skeleton and drains you of energy. LEARN MORE

Corporate Wellness Programs

Executive and Corporate Wellness Programs have been around for over twenty years and it is very clear what goals must be achieved for success. Control blood sugars, reduce weight, manage cardiac risk factors and stop smoking. Objectifiable markers such as percent body fat, lean muscle mass, hydration, visceral fat, blood pressure and resting heart rate must be brought into healthy ranges and tracked. If these markers are improved and managed, the employee is healthier and happier. They are more productive in the work place and take fewer sick days. The employer has a healthier and more productive work force and ultimately health care costs reduce. Everyone wins! LEARN MORE

Professional Consulting/
Community Talks

Incorporating nutritional protocols into your professional practice is the right decision for both your practice and your patients.  The truth is, as doctors we must be educated in the science of chronic inflammation and its role in injury recovery and chronic diseases. No matter what your specialty, addressing chronic inflammation will support your patients in recovering more rapidly and efficiently. Most patients are aware of the importance of diet and lifestyle choices. They are familiar with terms like gut health, gluten-free and keto. As their doctors, we should be the experts they turn to for answers. LEARN MORE

Discover the underlying why and take your health to the next level. Empowering people to change their lives through knowledge, guidance and support.

Meet the Team

Dr. Pam Wilson

Dr. Pam Wilson

Donna Andreen, Office Administrator

Donna Andreen
Office Administrator

Mary Ellen Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Mary Ellen Wilson
Administrative Assistant

Susan Haugenes, Administrative Assistant

Susan Haugenes
Administrative Assistant

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