Weight Loss

Weight loss is a choice to take back control of your life. It is a decision to make changes in daily patterns that no longer serve you. Weight loss is not simply a "calories in, calories out" formula, it is a lifestyle change. Our NeuroCatalytic™ weight loss program is patient-centered. It is essential to take into consideration your age, current health status, emotional state, willingness to change and surrounding support network.

Aside from the risk factors, carrying excess weight robs you of the ability to move freely and easily through your day. It puts strain on your muscles, skeleton and drains you of energy.


Weight LossYou will start to realize you do not need the weight to feel safe. Your security and peace will come from within, knowing you are in control of your choices. As the weight leaves, you will begin to live life at an energetic level and create the future you deserve.

The social consequences of being overweight and obese are real. Overweight and obese individuals are often targeting of bias and stigma. They are viewed as undisciplined, lazy and sloppy. There is a perception of being less intelligent, less conscientious and poor role models. Your quality of life both at home and in public can change drastically as you recover your healthy weight.

Be your best, first for yourself. By taking care of yourself you are stronger for those whose lives you touch. Wake each day, knowing and feeling that you are living your best life right now! You have joy that now comes from within. You are strong and energetic for your family even at the end of a long day. You are sharp and focused at work. You are a valued and trusted employee. You are a leader and respected by those around you.


Dr. Wilson practices patient-centered, evidence-based, lifestyle medicine. On your first visit, you will sit with Dr. Wilson and discuss your concerns and goals. She will determine which exams, evaluations and/or tests are required to ultimately construct your personalized treatment plan. We do on-site blood draws including cellular micronutrient testing, cardiometabolic risk factors, thyroid adrenal function, hormonal panels and genetic markers and telomere length. These tests provide us with a detailed level of information that is unavailable with traditional testing. You will be measured and assessed, in our office, with the InBody scale. InBody is the gold standard for body composition testing for the last 20+ years evaluating hydration, lean body mass, body fat mass and dangerous visceral fat.

You will receive customized diet considerations and food plans, nutraceutical grade supplement recommendations, advice on lifestyle choices including exercise and stress management. You will not be on your own, Dr. Wilson will provide you with techniques to assist you in changing habits and patterns.

Follow-up appointments and support are based upon your individual needs. Weight management is a life-long journey. As time passes for each patient, protocols will change. As the science continues to advance, Dr. Wilson does also.

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