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Professional Healthcare Consulting

Incorporating nutritional protocols into your professional practice is the right decision for both your practice and your patients.  The truth is, as doctors we must be educated in the science of chronic inflammation and its role in injury recovery and chronic diseases. No matter what your specialty, addressing chronic inflammation will support your patients in recovering more rapidly and efficiently. Most patients are aware of the importance of diet and lifestyle choices. They are familiar with terms like gut health, gluten-free and keto. As their doctors, we should be the experts they turn to for answers.

How will you benefit from a consulting relationship with Dr. Wilson?

Your time is valuable. Dr. Wilson will help you implement nutritional protocols into your practice in a timely and efficient manner. She will help you establish a relationship with the testing labs she uses and

Patients want to know how they will benefit by coming to you for care. They also want to know that you care about them. Patient follow up is critical to both their success and your success as a physician. Dr. Wilson will guide you and your staff to establish the protocols for patient follow up and support that are streamline and cost effective.

How does the consulting program work?

Each doctor’s needs are different. An initial phone interview will help to determine if a consulting relationship is a good fit for both you and Dr. Wilson.

Programs are individualized based upon the goals established. Both hourly rates and monthly programs are available. Monthly programs include a weekly coaching call and emails as agreed upon.

To schedule your initial phone conversation with Dr. Wilson please choose one of the following:

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