Physical Medicine

Physical MedicineYour body’s ability to move through space is an amazing process. Balancing on two feet and holding yourself up against gravity, you can bend, reach, jump, walk or run. You can balance on a bicycle and pedal, climb a rock or glide over the floor in a modern dance. However, what if something goes wrong? What if you injure a spinal disc, strain/sprain a rotator cuff muscle/tendon or develop a repetitive stress/strain injury like plantar fasciitis or tennis or golfer’s elbow? Your body is brilliant at adapting and compensating to keep you going but there is a cost! Eventually your body runs out of resources and adaptive strategies. Joints, muscles and tendons begin to break down and eventually your body responds with pain.


Be your best, first for yourself. By taking care of yourself you are stronger for those whose lives you touch. Wake each day, knowing and feeling that you are living your best life right now! You are strong and energetic for your family even at the end of a long day. You are sharp and focused at work. You are a valued and trusted employee. You are a leader and respected by those around you.


Dr. Pam Wilson provides you with the best in diagnosis, functional movement analysis, and physical medicine to enable you not only to heal from your injury as quickly as possible, but also to ensure that you heal properly. Dr. Pam’s NeuroCatalytic™ approach taps into the nervous system’s control of the muscle system which determines the function of the joints. She works to engage this relationship and use specialized manipulation techniques to heal and strengthen your body most effectively.

Rehab Room Red Bank NJWhen you come to see Dr. Wilson for care you will receive an initial evaluation, including a consultation, a physical exam, a movement assessment and a nutritional evaluation. The initial evaluation may also include diagnostic imaging and lab work when appropriate.

You may be asked to perform certain movements to determine the condition and function of specific joints and muscles. You will also be asked about your health and fitness goals in order to determine the best course of treatment to help you reach those goals.

You will receive a personalized treatment plan specifying the chiropractic/physical medicine, functional training and customized nutritional program Dr. Wilson recommends to ensure you can quickly return to a healthy, active life.

Dr. Wilson also will consult with you on diet and lifestyle. Inflammation and chronic disease are often limiting variables in reducing pain and recovering movement. She works with each patient to identify and address the components interfering with a healthy active life.

The injury recovery program requires one-on-one time with Dr. Wilson to treat and reestablish your neuromuscular patterns. The timing and progression of your program will be patient-specific based upon your injury, age, overall health status and compliance with care. Your willingness to participate in your own recovery is critical to your outcomes.

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