Executive & Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness

Executive and Corporate Wellness Programs have been around for over twenty years. It is very clear what goals must be achieved for success: control blood sugars, reduce weight, manage cardiac risk factors and stop smoking. Objectifiable markers such as percent body fat, lean muscle mass, hydration, visceral fat, blood pressure and resting heart rate must be brought into healthy ranges and tracked. If these markers are improved and managed, the employee is healthier and happier. Valued employees are more productive in the work place and take fewer sick days. The employer encourages a healthier, more productive work force with an ultimate reduction in health care costs. Everyone wins!

So why don’t these programs achieve better and more sustainable results? If we are being honest, most people already know what they should to do to achieve a healthier state of wellbeing: reduce sugar, eat less processed foods, drink more water, get more sleep, exercise and reduce/manage stress. We know that unhealthy patterns and habits are both physically and mentally stressful. They increase our risk for chronic illness and debilitating diseases over time and are affecting our relationships with friends, loved ones and co-workers. They also compromise and reduce our efficiency at work. So why don’t we make changes? Because change is a challenge. However, change can be empowering as well. When approached correctly, one decision and action at a time, change can be the catalyst to remodel patterns and habits for a new, healthy and productive lifestyle.

A multifaceted approach based upon current science, allows us to achieve better and more sustainable results. We plug in our phones every evening, so they can recharge. We gather with friends, go to church or relax with family to reconnect. My executive program is a way to recharge and reconnect your employees so they are focused and strong to successfully achieve ultimate health and well-being!

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