DNAlife Testing and The Science of Epigenetics


DNA Health® tests for genetic variations that are known to have a significant effect on health and susceptibility to chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It reports on genes involved in the following areas:

  • Cholesterol metabolism and responsiveness to diet
  • Food responsiveness, such as sensitivities to lactose, caffeine and salt intake
  • Bone Health
  • Methylation
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Detoxification

DNA Diet is one of the first products of its kind in the world, and amongst the most comprehensive and accurate weight-related genetic tests available. It will show which of the following diet plans are right for each patient:

  • Low carbohydrate diet
  • Low fat diet
  • Mediterranean diet

This panel reports on the following areas:

  • Variations linked to obesity and being overweight
  • Ability to lose or gain weight easily
  • Responsiveness to exercise
  • Mobilization of fat from fat cells
  • Ability to metabolize fats for energy
  • Metabolic rate
  • Absorption rate of dietary fat

The following panels can be added to the Base DNA Health and Diet Panels

DNA Mind tests genetic variations involved in key biological processes that contribute toward the risk of development of mental health disorders may give insight to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. This panel reports on associations in the following areas:

  • Neurodegenerative disorders - mild cognitive decline and late onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • Mood disorders - depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder & post-traumatic
    stress disorder
  • Addictive behavior - risk for alcohol, nicotine, cannabis & opioid dependence, psychosis
    response from cannabis use and eating disorders (binge eating).

DNA Sport tests genetic variants that influence injury risk and recovery, as well as power, endurance and performance. This panel reports on the following areas:

  • Structural integrity of soft tissues
  • Inflammation & oxidative stress
  • Blood flow: blood pressure & oxygenation
  • Cardiopulmonary capacity
  • Energy during exercise
  • Fuel during exercise
  • Caffeine metabolism
  • Muscle fiber type and bone composition
  • Endurance/aerobic capacity
  • Power/strength potential

DNA Skin aims to improve the visual signs of aging by focusing on interventions that are suited to your unique DNA. Based on the results from the DNA Skin test, personalized lifestyle, nutrition, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical recommendations can be given for improved skincare and skin health, and to decrease the visible signs of aging. The DNA Skin panel analyses 18 genes involved in important areas related to skin health.

  • Regulation of collagen formation and breakdown, giving insight into the firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Sun sensitivity and pigmentation
  • Sun damage, protection and repair mechanisms
  • Protection from oxidative stress
  • Detoxification and inflammation, giving insight into general skin sensitivity

DNA Estrogen tests genetic variations involved in key biological processes of estrogen metabolism. It is of benefit to women who suffer from estrogen-dominant conditions such as endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome and uterine fibroid tumors. This panel reports on the following areas:

  • Phase 1 detoxification
  • Phase 2 detoxification
  • Oxidative stress
  • Personal risk factors associated with HRT, oral contraceptives, bio-identical supplementation and invitro fertilization
  • Intervention strategies for at risk individuals


Dr. Pam’s base testing panel is DNA Health & Diet. With these 2 panels she has sufficient information to customize your food and lifestyle choices as well as your nutraceutical supplementation protocols. Once you decide which testing panels you want to add to the base Health & Diet, fill out the order form and proceed to checkout. We use our secure PayPal account to process your order. If you are not sure which tests are best for you please call the office and Dr. Pam can help guide you. 732-842-7004. Please note that all purchases are non-refundable.

Once our office receives your order, a testing kit will be sent to you via mail. Your kit will include everything you need to complete your DNA testing panels. Inside the DNAlife package you will also find a detailed instruction/information document provided by Dr. Pam. This will help guide you through the collection of your sample (from the inside of your cheek) and the shipping process.

When the package arrives at the lab, it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks for Dr. Pam to receive your results. Once received, she will analyze the genetic data, and formulate your personal nutrition and lifestyle treatment plan. At the time we receive your results, we will call you to schedule an appointment for your Genetic Report-of-Findings.

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