Customized Personal Nutrition

When asked "how long do you want to live?" The answer is most often "as long as I am healthy and have a high quality of life."  Dr. Pam practices the art and science of nutrition through objectifiable data, "test, don't guess."  A Personalized Custom Nutrition Plan can help you achieve optimum health regardless of chronological age. You deserve to live your God-given years healthy and active with amazing focus of mind and agility of body!


Be your best, first for yourself. By taking care of yourself you are stronger for those whose lives you touch. Wake each day, knowing and feeling that you are living your best life right now! You are strong and energetic for your family even at the end of a long day. You are sharp and focused at work. You are a valued and trusted employee. You are a leader and respected by those around you.


Customized Personal NutritionDr. Pam focuses on patient-centered, evidence-based lifestyle medicine. On your first visit, you will sit with Dr. Pam and discuss your concerns. She will determine which tests and/or markers are required to formulate your personalized treatment plan.

We do on-site blood draws to assess cellular micronutrient absorption. We also perform cardiometabolic panels that will provide us with the standard markers for blood sugar imbalances and cardiac risk factors, as well as very specific markers that give us a deeper and more focused picture of your cardiometabolic health.

Evaluation of omega-3 and omega-6 levels and their ratio to each other is a valuable test to determine and assess inflammatory markers. The thyroid adrenal panel looks at all the markers necessary to determine thyroid function and clarify if an autoimmune reaction is present. Hormonal panels, both male and female, are available if indicated.

Genetic markers and telomere length are also available. These tests provide a detailed level of information that is unavailable with traditional testing. You will be measured and assessed in the office with the InBody scale. InBody is the gold standard for body composition testing for the last 20+ years evaluating hydration, lean body mass, body fat mass and dangerous visceral fat.

Once all the test results are received, you will be scheduled for a visit with Dr. Pam. She will review your results and provide you with a personalized plan that will include diet considerations and food plans, nutraceutical grade supplement recommendations and advice on lifestyle choices including exercise and stress management. Additional visits, program progression and follow up testing will be performed over 6-24 months, depending on your goals and compliance with the protocols.

The custom nutrition program is a commitment to recover, restore and reclaim your health. It does not happen overnight. Anyone desiring to take this journey with Dr. Pam should be ready and willing to commit time and resources.

The question you must ask yourself is, “Am I worth it?" If you have read this far, let me answer the question for you. "Yes, you are! Reclaim your Health!”

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